8 www.dryden.ca NEW PROSPECT Public School New Prospect Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school in North Dryden. Our staff are warm and welcoming and go above and beyond for our students. We offer a variety of programming options to families, check out two of our most popular programs: FRENCH IMMERSION Programming Continues to Grow! • New Prospect offers dual-track programming, meaning instruction is offered in both French and English and parents can select the language of instruction for their child. • French Immersion is available starting in Kindergarten. • Families do not need to speak French at home in order to enroll in the program, all students, regardless of the language spoken at home are welcome in the program and parents do not require any special skills to help their child at home. • Children learn the same Ontario Curriculum as English speaking students. HOCKEY CANADA SKILLS ACADEMY • Hockey Canada Skills Program is available in both Dryden schools for any girl or boy students in grades 4 to 6, but unique to New Prospect School is the grade 7 & 8 Hockey Canada Skills Program which prepares students for the high school Hockey Canada Skills Program. • Students of any skill and experience level can join even if they have never played hockey. The hockey program is tailored to meet specific student’s needs so they will continue to develop at their level. • The program focus is on academics, personal development which includes leadership, goal setting, nutrition and self-regulation through yoga and precise hockey skill development. • Off-ice conditioning such as nutrition and dryland training is incorporated during the off-ice season. • Our classroom teachers are on the ice with students and are certified coaches with Hockey Canada Skills Academy training qualifications. They have experience playing hockey at a high level including university level hockey. New Prospect Public School 289 Wice Road, Dryden ON T: (807) 223-4713 Call us today or like us on Facebook!