56 www.dryden.ca 56 SNOWMOBILING Make it a circle tour and imagine the sun sparkling across the sea of white crisp snow while zooming down the trail with amazing scenery. Dryden is situated in the middle of the vast network connecting 167 km of the Trans Ontario Provincial (TOP) trail network, and approximately 225 km of local trails. Join in the poker derbies and events. For permit and trails information, contact the NWOSTA office or book your winter stay at one of the many winter camp operators in the area. www.nwosta.ca SUSPENSION BRIDGE & MOSAIC (JOHNSTON’S PARK) One of our most popular attractions is located not far from the intersection taking you to downtown Dryden from Highway 17. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Johnston Park, view the beautiful mosaic structure, and cap it off with a stroll along the riverbank to the Roy Wilson Suspension Bridge which hangs above the Wabigoon River rapids rushing below. TOBOGGANING Visit one of our retailers and find that perfect toboggan or crazy carpet and find out just what fun it is to speed your way down a steep hill packed with snow! Pack up a lunch and some hot chocolate, with rolling hills and plenty of snow there are many of parks to enjoy a day in our city. WINDSURFING / KITE SKIING Join the Northwest Ontario Windsurfing (NOW) Club every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at the Sandy Beach Recreation Area for windsurfing lessons or try your hand at wind kiting when the snow flies. With so many lakes in the area, it makes for a surfers’ paradise. What a great way to enjoy the great outdoors! For more information on the sport in our area contact windsurfwoody@shaw.ca or paul@windplay.ca Dryden THINGS TO DO