50 www.dryden.ca Enjoy the amazing variety of flora and fauna featured in the Laura Howe Marsh. Wetlands are home to a wider variety of wildlife than any other Ontario habitat. The best habitats are found in marshes that have a mix of open water and emerging plants. Laura Howe Marsh PINK-EDGE SULPHUR 50 The marsh provides a spawning and nursery area for fish and amphibians, a winter refuge for deer and songbirds, and a rich food source for beavers and hunters such as snakes, fox, and birds of prey. Walk the short loop, which is 0.4 km in length, takes approximately twenty minutes or the long loop, which is 2 km in length and takes approximately one hour. Sturdy shoes are advisable. Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather. During the fly season from May to early August, insect repellent is also recommended. Enjoy your wetland adventure! How many species will you see today? The beginning of the Laura Howe Marsh rehabilitation was funded by the Conservation Dinner program of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters in partnership with a dedicated group of individuals who were passionate about the great outdoors and the beauty held within the marsh. As the work continues we hope that you find the time to visit this unique marsh land and all its glory. For a guided tour please contact Darlene (local area naturalist) at 807-937-4548. PAINTED TURTLE Photo by: Michelle HIll Photography