www.dryden.ca 3 Like the artist or teacher, community development is about creating, learning, measuring, and sharing of ideas and resources within the community canvas. Sometimes that canvas is blank but most often it means using a discerning eye to find the gaps and margins to work within. That’s where we come into the mix. Dryden, like many other smaller communities in Ontario, is built upon the‘sweat equity’of its residents, businesses, volunteers, and organizations. We succeed in moving forward and achieving goals best when we come together as a community. The next couple of years will certainly bring its challenges as the municipality continues to work towards better financial stability. Our reality today is different than even five years ago. The good news is, we’re still here, 108 years strong, and committed to growing our Northern Ontario community, one person, one business at a time. The little things matter. Celebrate your resilience, determination, and absolute love for all things Dryden and Northern Ontario and continue to show us in pictures, stories, family, teamwork, and in the everyday why you Celebrate Dryden! For those of you who are visiting, or thinking of relocation, connect online at tourism@dryden.ca or @DiscoverDryden on Facebook. We love to hear from you! Hello! Bonjour! Boozhoo!