25 www.dryden.ca Working in Dryden 25 Michelle Hill Photography What’s in a dream? For Michelle, since the turn of this century anyway, her dream has been to become a full-time, independent photographer. Mom of two, it took time, determination, self-belief, and a passion to pursue what she loves. Michelle started out with landscapes and animals and over time progressed to include people. Her natural progression into wedding photography happened while starting her family. Fast forward to 2018, Michelle is a friendly, easy going, and attentive interviewee. Excited for the opportunity to talk about her business evolution, she shares her enjoyment of natural settings and architectural beauty – one just needs to glance at one of her award finalist wedding photos. Next, we chatted about some of her favourite ways to capture images. Michelle said, “unlike some professional photographers, I love shooting into the sun using a wide-open aperture and a super-fast shutter speed”. She also changes up angles and perspective which often creates a completely new image. Like those with a passion for photography, Michelle loves the challenge of a new location. Nestled in the Boreal forest and on the shore of Wabigoon Lake, Dryden has amazing natural surroundings with many spots 30 minutes or less from our downtown area. Of course, Mother Nature can hold a few surprises on the best of days Michelle also shares that her kids often are her “DJ’s on the road” and while photo shoots are planned out, most times you end up “winging it anyway”. There are the challenges of weather, location changes, access to more remote areas, and more. She also wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s next you may ask? Michelle Hill Photography is expanding her services to include a different version of lifestyle photos to include home-based locations and capturing the everyday moments. When asked to give an example, “Me and my kids baking or having a dance party” is her suggestion. Michelle is also passionate about supporting the community that supports her family. She is preparing for a family-fun Christmas event for charity – stay tuned to @DiscoverDryden for details. Michelle Hill can be contacted on Facebook, Michelle Hill Photography. The Community Development department within the City of Dryden wish you well in the year ahead. Nicole Gale, Manager Tourism & Community Initiatives Dryden & Area Business Profile 25