18 www.dryden.ca Airport The Dryden Regional Airport is located approximately 5 miles Northeast of the City of Dryden in ZealandTownship. Runway 12-30 is 6000ft long by 150ft wide with high intensity edge lighting. The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is owned and operated by Nav Canada and is the only ILS between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. This provides all aircraft and airlines the ability to use the Dryden Regional Airport as an alternate airport during flight planning. Scheduled passenger service is provided by Bearskin Airlines. The airport is home to The Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Management Centre, Discovery Air Fire Services, GSH Helicopters, Hydro One Helicopters (based within the MAG Aerospace Canada Corp. hangar), Northern Youth Programs, and National Car rentals. The Dryden Regional Airport has a contracted Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Morgan Aviation that provides all fuelling services for Avgas and Jet Fuel. Ground handling and de-icing services are provided by David Wessel. Photos by: Derek Kennedy (to right) UTC-6(5) Elevation 1354’A5007 L04 HI4 CAP RCAP Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Office Phone: (807) 223-1130 24 hours for RCR and CRFI contact operator REF N49.49.53 W92.44.37 YHD 18