17 www.dryden.ca DryDen native FrienDship Centre Family, Friends, Community...a tradition of helping each other. PROGRAMS 74 Queen Street Dryden, ON P8N 1A4 Phone: (807) 223-4180 • Fax: (807) 223-6275 Email: dnfc@drytel.net             Dryden   Native   Friendship     Centre   Strategic   Plan     2015  –  2020     SENIORS • Culturally appropriate community support services • Programs for Indigenous Seniors / Elders • Transportation services • Friendly Visits / Security Check program • Home maintenance support EMPLOYMENT &TRAINING SERVICES • Job Search / Training supports • On the Job Training • Purchase of Training • Stay in School Initiatives • Homeward Bound HEALTH • Services for individuals, families and community • Linkages with Indigenous Cultural Resource providers • Cultural based programming and healing • Nutrition, smoking cessation and physical fitness • Sports, recreation activities and youth leadership • Diabetes education CHILDREN &YOUTH • Resources, Support and Healthy Activities • Culturally appropriate programs and services for children ages 7-12 • Guidance and individual support for youth ages 13-18 JUSTICE PROGRAMS • Assist individuals to understand their rights, options, responsibilities • Assist with release • Supervision, counselling and support Dryden Native Friendship Centre Urban Indigenous HOMEWARD BOUND PROGRAM PROGRAM GOAL A holistic job readiness program that integrates key local supports to help single urban Indigenous mothers enhance their lives. Our clients are single urban Indigenous mothers who are unemployed or under-employed and are motivated to make change in their lives through post-secondary education and employment. KEY OUTCOMES • Increased independence and control in life; • Stabilized or improved health; • Sustainable social networks and supports; • Increased involvement in education and/or training; • Enhanced employment opportunities, and; • Increased income and access to amenities PHASES PHASE 1: Skills Training and Academic Upgrading This includes skills enhancement, computer skills, financial literacy and an academic upgrading program for post secondary entrance. PHASE 2: Formal Education UIHB women will complete a post secondary program, that will lead to sustainable employment. PHASE 3: Work Experience Provide opportunity to gain work experience in their chosen profession. PHASE 4: Employment Opportunities for full-time employment and support in transitioning into their new lives is offered in this final phase. 4