16 www.dryden.ca Booshoo! Hello in Anishinaabe language. The land base that is now the City of Dryden was referred to as paawidigong pronounced as pow-wit-tee-gong. This means the place of the rapids in the Ojibwe language. Our ancestors gathered at the area around what is now Cooper Park. They met to trade goods, conduct ceremonies, and keep positive relations with other Anishinaabe from different areas. In the area as well there are pictographs and these tell the story of this region and have cultural significance. We thank our elders for keeping the stories of these places and for being the keepers of our traditional knowledge. Wabigoon Lake is the body of water surrounding Dryden. Wabigoon actually means a flower in Ojibwe language. The Anishinaabe teaching is to respect the water as water is life. During the summer months, there are two major Pow Wows close to Dryden: - Eagle Lake Annual Pow wow August 3-5, 2018 - Wabigoon Lake Pow wow August 31-September 2, 2018. Both are traditional powwows and welcome visitors to share in the culture. Dryden, Ontario - The place of the rapids. - Miigwetch to visitors to the area of Dryden. There is no word for good- bye in our language, only the words Giga-waabamininim miinawaa- I will see you people again. Miigwetch-Thank you. P O W W O W ANNUAL 16 Photos by John Terpstra | terps59@gmail.com