11 www.dryden.ca Dryden ARTS & CULTURE Grade 6FA Creative Colour Wheels - the pieces shown in this display were chosen because the subject matter reflects a favourite sport, pastime or pet of the artist who created it. Reggie Laurent-style Plates - if you look very carefully at the designs on the plates, the artists have included little clues as to where their interests lay. Printmaking - the artists created these prints by carving a stamp out of a piece of linoleum then using ink and pressing it on to heavy paper. The subject matter is based on some lessons shared with the students during a visit from an Eagle Lake First Nations elder. Read the artist statements to gain more insight about each piece of work. Grade 7FA Zentangles-theartistsusedtheconcept of positive and negative space to create a silhouette by“doodling”in the negative space surrounding the subject matter. These pieces were chosen because the silhouettes represent a favourite sport, pet, book or character of the artist. Line Landscapes - the artists completed two artworks of the same landscape, one with watercolour and Sharpie, the other with wood burning and pencil crayon. The concept was to use repetitive lines to create a sense of depth in their artwork. These pieces were chosen because they reflect the landscapes here in Northwestern Ontario. Animals - again, the artists completed two artworks of the same subject matter, but this time they chose a favourite animal as their subject matter. The first piece was created by collaging tissues on to a watercolour background. The second piece was created using modelingpasteasawayofincorporating realistic texture to their art. Mandalas - these were painted on some old vinyl records. Mandalas are used to display radial balance and to tell a story about the artist. Read the artist statements to learn what each piece means to the artist. Grade 8FA Local Landscapes - these pieces were inspired by landscapes that can be found in, around, or at near to, Dryden. The artists chose their own subject matter and medium for these pieces. See if you can identify the places the artists recreated! Line Paintings - these pieces were experimental and are meant to be abstract, but they are inspired by each artist’s favourite piece of art by Bernard Cohen. Action Figures - what you see captured in these Giacometti-style sculptures are the typical movements, gestures or poses the artists commonly make. Soapstone - there are no hidden meanings in these, but they do represent the determined effort of the artists who completed them! Each artist chose whether they wanted to carve a swan, bird or duck then went to work! Don’t they look fantastic? Helen Grymaloski is the owner of Blueberry Broad Diversions. Her business is located off Hwy #105 just north of Vermilion Bay between October to May and in Perrault Falls between June to September with a little overlap at the locations. Helen teaches “It’s Just Paint” Art Class year round. In the summer she adds in a Paint, Paddle & Picnic day-cation and Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals on Wabaskang Lake. For more information and to book classes, your own paint party, a day-cation or rentals you can call 807-220-3649, email blueberrybroad@gmail.com or check out her FB page Blueberry Broad Diversion. Website coming soon. ANNUAL EXHIBIT HELD AT THE Leah Gardner Gallery in the Dryden Museum WhatWillYou LearnAbout Us? This is Us! Annual Open Roads School Fine Arts Art Exhibit 11 All photos on this page by Michelle Hill Photography